👩🏾‍⚕️ Back Into Medicine

Lately i’ve thought strongly about, 2024 and how I need to make all the right and necessary steps in the next six months. In the past, I’ve toyed with the idea of going back to medicine. I’ve been in and out of school, enrolled in various programs, but I never finished my bachelor’s degree. 

I really enjoy the work I do in IT and security. However, I’ve always had other goals, like going into medicine, becoming a chef, or opening up a micro, sustainable clothing line or boutique. I’ve heard so many stories of people having three different careers in their lifetimes. And I feel that if I don’t become a parent by a certain age, I can dedicate my time to these goals instead.

I’ve been told that I’m extremely good at psychology and that I could make a great psychiatrist. I’m certain that I want to study an area of medicine related to the brain or the nervous system.

So, I’m trying to figure out the best path for me. I’ve done some basic studies in neuroscience and psychology, and I think these career paths could be great for me:

  1. Psychiatrist
  2. Neurologist
  3. Medical Neuroscience
  4. Anesthesiologist

I’m drawn to these paths because they involve areas of medicine I’ve been passionate about since I was a teenager. Even though I didn’t always know the exact terminology, I had a background in the basics and knew I liked these areas. Right now, what I’m sure of is my strong interest in the brain and human behavior. If I could choose, I’d probably go for psychiatry, sociology, or anthropology. In fact, I’ve spent many nights and weekends this year studying human behavior and cultures, trying to make sense of what I’ve been experiencing. I find it fascinating to study the impact of the environment; both social and physical environments significantly affect our physical and mental well-being.