📥 How NOT to Spend too Much Time on a Curated Newsletter

I previously spent 20-30hr a week on newsletters. I now spend less than 2-5 hours a week. Here's how:

🗂 Keep a database of sources; instead of searching random places every week doing lengthy google and Twitter searches, create a source dashboard.

🤝 Crowdsource items by offering readers to contribute. Offer for readers to send you articles. Make it easy by offering them to send articles via a method best for THEM, email, Twitter, a form, etc.

⚙️ Create a process, document, and question every step. Especially any manual task that takes longer than 15mins.

🤖 Automate and Template. From your process document, research how to automate any step that took longer than 15mins that didn't include proofreading.

📆 Set a schedule for capturing, curating, and drafting.

Set a timer for curating and drafting. Don't spend too much time contemplating and making changes.