📋 How I Focus On High Priority Tasks As An ADHD Person

For people with ADHD, procrastination and focus are some of the top challenges we experience. For me, high-priority tasks and deadlines make me anxious, making it hard to focus the prolonging my “procrastination.” I am that person that will have a week to do a task but will wait until the final hour (and put forth my best work, might I add 😉). This worked in school, but not in a career in IT and Security… this doesn’t cut it!

Eight years ago, I tried different focusing methods. I took bits and pieces of advice and created a framework that worked just for me which I call: “The Capacity of One.”

Here is my very simple framework for getting high-priority tasks done:

📋 1 Task

🖥 1 Screen

🔕 All notifications off

🪟 1 Browser window in fullscreen mode

🍵 Time: very early morning, after caffeine (before 9am)

🛫 All devices on airplane mode (automated w/ iftt)

⏰ 15min focus 3 min get up and pacing around or stretch

🦸🏾 Put on my superhero persona: Euphoria Lilymint

🎵 Superhero theme song: Beethoven Symphony No.5 in C Minor