🌈 Happily All Over The Place

The 13-20-year-old Naya spent…

📚 Many days in Barnes and Nobles learning life tips from Real Simple and learning about Java Programming through books until the store closed

💿 Her weekends in Starbucks being mentored in Databases and SQL by a stranger

🦕 Every Saturday on the museum mile after a run around Central Park… exploring the Museum of Natural History and The Metropolitan Museum of Art

🌈 After school, hours were spent exploring random wonders of the village and working at an independent theater

📊 Some days studying open data sets provided through the New York Public Library and NYC.gov, learning random facts

💸 Nights learning about finance and what it takes to become a financial advisor

🧠 Many hours studying college Psychology and Economics textbooks

📚Every single day, with a book in her hand on the subway, reading about geography and studying phrases from various languages

I spent my entire life interested in “all the things” some people find joy in sports, shopping, etc. I find joy in fueling my intellectual side by learning about various domains of life.

Constantly being told:
– why are you learning that?
– What use is that information for you?
– Why don’t you stick to learning one thing and become an expert in being like the rest of us?
– Why are you all over the place? Stick to learning one thing.

I’ve heard these things my entire life. Adults constantly made me feel like I was doing something wrong and would never find a career in life. After feeling years of guilt for being excited to fill my brain with more knowledge, I am embracing being a Polymath

I am happily all over the place, always continuing to learn all the things! 💃🏾🌈