📵 6 Reasons I Left Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Telegram

Almost two years ago now, I completely ghosted Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Telegram.

It all started with a 30-day detox. I started with the platforms that felt most toxic, least private, and least secure. I left one message on all platforms about taking a break. I signed out, removed the applications from my devices, and ended up not looking back for more than 30 days.

Here are six specific reasons why:

Reason #1: Privacy, security, data abuse, scandals, leakes, breaches

Reason #2: Unnecessary and unethical surveillance

Reason #3: Misinformation and conspiracy theories

Reason #4: Unrealistic, unhealthy, and toxic social relationships

Reason #5: Emotional manipulation

Reason #6: Simplifying my threat model

As my 30-day detox turned into almost two years, during this time I constantly contemplated should I leave social media altogether. I enjoyed life SO much more without and wanted to take back control of my time, life, data, and friendships.

Over the next month, I will delve into these reasons in more detail. I will also share my next steps for each major social media platform, and how I have been slowly creating my own custom-built systems as a replacement.

If you are considering reducing your social presence or leaving all social media, let me know—I’d love to connect with you (and share more of my approach!).