🌈 5 Small Ways to Be Kind Everyday

In daily life activities, it’s easy to forget the power of small acts of kindness. However, these tiny gestures can make a significant impact on someone’s day, and they don’t require much effort or time. Here are five simple ways to spread kindness every day:

🙇🏾‍♀️ Give a Compliment

Growing up in New York City, especially in Harlem, I miss the times when you’ve had a really bad day and someone will walk past you and compliment you. I miss the days of simply walking down the street and hearing another woman say “Oh girl, you are so pretty” or “Oh girl, I love your style, you are killing it”. Or even being on the train and a random stranger asks you how are you doing? I didn’t recognize how these micro-interactions had such an impact on my happiness in life. These are very small kind gestures, but they made all the difference. Many times turning a bad day into a good one.

However, compliments don’t always have to be about material things. I try to acknowledge the efforts of leaders and volunteers in my community. Although there is much bad in the world, there are so many who work very hard to do good for themselves, others, family, etc. And complimenting these folks on their hard work or how much you appreciate them and their endear them can significantly boost their morale.

😁 Smile and Acknowledge Someone’s Existence

In any large group dynamic, similar to what you might see in a typical season of a ‘Housewives’ show of any franchise, ups and downs are inevitable. This includes disagreements and misunderstandings, which are not just limited to the realm of reality TV but are also a common part of our daily interactions.

When disagreements arise, or following a tough argument, a simple yet effective way to ease tension is by acknowledging the existence of the other person and recognizing their humanity. This gesture doesn’t necessitate a long conversation; often, a simple smile, a brief ‘hello’, and then moving on can have a significant impact on someone’s day or life. Being cordial requires minimal effort but can be incredibly meaningful.

Particularly, a smile has a powerful ability to uplift others. Whether it’s shared with a colleague, a stranger on the street, or a cashier, a genuine smile combined with a moment of eye contact can convey warmth and a sense of acknowledgment of their presence.

✍🏾 Give a Written Note

In our digital age, the impact of a handwritten note stands out. It could be a thank-you note, words of encouragement, or a simple ‘thinking of you’ message. As a child, I had a friend who cherished beautiful stationery. She often expressed love, kindness, and gratitude by writing cards to others, embellishing them with lovely stickers. This made her notes incredibly heartfelt. There were times when she sat with me, guiding me in expressing my feelings through writing to someone I cared about. The person who received my card has repeatedly mentioned how much they valued it. They felt it was sincere and deeply touching.

🙏🏾 Give Thanks

Expressing gratitude extends beyond material gifts to encompass love, kindness, and understanding. I make it a point to thank the people in my life, not only for their actions but also for their inherent qualities. My gratitude isn’t reserved for tough times; I believe in expressing it consistently, for even the smallest acts of kindness.

Often, we associate thankfulness with material gains. But when was the last time you felt grateful for someone showing you love, kindness, and understanding? In my life, I express kindness by telling people how thankful I am for them. Many times, I’ve reached out to someone just to say, ‘Thank you for being a good friend, for being there for me, for always listening’, or simply ‘Thank you for being a genuinely good person and for your selflessness’.

Gratitude shouldn’t be saved for just the bad or challenging times; it should be a part of our daily interactions. I have a personal tradition: every Saturday, I set aside time to check in on my friends. I say hello and express my thanks for anything they’ve done recently that made me feel happy. Or if I noticed their hard work. This act of gratitude not only uplifts them but also reinforces our bond of friendship.

☕️ Offer a 1:1 Coffee Chat

For years, since my teenage days, I’ve found that one of the best ways to be kind and connect with others is through getting to know them better, often over coffee chats. In these meetings, I usually treat the other person to coffee or tea. It’s a setting I prefer because getting to know someone in larger group settings, gatherings, or dinners can be challenging. People often aren’t as open in such environments, and in some cultures, it might even be inappropriate to share personal stories in group settings.

This is why I’ve set aside specific days and times for these one-on-one coffee chats, creating a space where it’s just the two of us, either in person or virtually via Zoom. This practice is something I’ve extended to my professional life as well. It’s particularly beneficial as I work with people from a variety of countries, each with their own unique backgrounds, customs, and cultures.

I am constantly learning about what kindness means to different people and adapting myself to meet their needs. Taking the time for a coffee chat is a wonderful way to show you care. It offers a moment to share experiences, provide support, or simply listen – all of which are priceless in our fast-paced world.

Incorporating these actions into your routine, you contribute to a kinder, more compassionate world. Think about the small ways you can show kindness today, tomorrow, and every day.