👩🏾‍🏫 4 Lessons on Launching My First Digital Product

I’ve been in the creator/maker launching game for a while, and a few years back, I was in the prime of my creative mode, launching my own ventures left and right. Most were service-based, community-based, or revolved around newsletters. But this weekend marked a new milestone—I launched my first digital product in the form of an e-book, and I’ve got some fresh lessons to share.

📈 Lesson 1: Making Use of My 2nd Brain
Despite reading many books on entrepreneurship and product launches, I realize I never converted this wisdom into actionable checklists. Take “Make” by Pieter Levels—I read it annually but never turned those insights into concrete steps for product creation. Moving forward, I’ll extract bite-sized actions from these invaluable resources, and add them to a special build and launch section of my 2nd Brain system and NayaOS system.

📝 Lesson 2: Start Small
Looking back at the beginnings of my company, Frauvis, it all started with something simple—a newsletter, events, then a community. For my cookbook, I could’ve applied the same principle. Instead of getting overwhelmed, focusing on perfecting the recipes and creating a compelling landing page to capture emails would have been enough to start. This realization hit only after setting up the whole Gumroad page.

🗺️ Lesson 3: Set a Blueprint
With all the launches under my belt, it’s surprising I never had a go-to checklist. Before I pen down a single word for my next digital product, I’m committed to crafting a repeatable system based on this first experience—a checklist that’ll streamline future launches specific to digital products the similar to what I have for launching and growing newsletters.

🎉 Lesson 4: Building the Hype
I’ve learned that building anticipation is crucial. Instead of pouring all my energy into the product and aiming to have it complete before launch, that reaching out to my audience could have created a stronger initial impact. Many followers on Instagram showed interest in my recipes long ago. A simple message to them might have sparked immediate pre-orders.

As time goes by, I’m sure I’ll uncover more lessons and better strategies. But for now, these stand out, and they’re lessons I can immediately act on to refine my approach. Implementing these takeaways just from this week, I’m confident with the right strategy and taking in feedback, that i’ll soon see success!

For those of you who’ve launched digital products—what lessons did you learn? If you’ve done this more than once, what did you change the second time around? I’m all ears for success stories, especially from those who’ve launched digital products like books, planners, and templates.