🧱 5 Best No-Code CRUD Solutions

Over the past year, I have spent time learning Laravel. I like learning to code outside of my primary job ( IT & Security), but I also LOVE to do quick builds and automation with no-code solutions. Taking the time to learn how to code in a new language, learning about APIs, and overall secure coding takes quite a time. 

Unfortunately, time, business, and clients can’t wait. I needed an immediate solution for end-user features such as CRUD (create, read, update, delete). I went the no-code route for a client’s dashboard until I felt comfortable pushing the solution I built into production.

I needed for clients to be able to create and update their data without needing to contact me or me needing to do any manual work. Over six months, I tried over ten solutions with real data.

💡What I also looked for:

  • Ease of use
  • Affordability
  • Easy Authentication
  • Flexible backend/database
  • Decent UI
  • Integrations

🥇 Here are the best:

  1. Softr
  2. Budibase
  3. Pory
  4. Jet Admin
  5. App smith

💰 Cost

A question I often get is what to expect to pay for these solutions. I’d suggest budgeting anywhere between $1.5k-3.5k/year and $5k/yr when you factor in other no-code tools, payment fees, etc.