💼 The Pre-Job Search Checklist That Works

A few years back, I taught IT classes helping students become A+ and Network+ certified. Part of the curriculum was helping students with job preparation. Fast forward, I now run a job board and community for Black womxn in tech.

Over time I created this checklist for myself, students, and others. This checklist was just one step in helping me climb the ladder in my career. Here's the short version:

📸 Take a professional photo with your phone

📧 Create a professional email

🖊 Create a professional email signature using Hubspot's free email signature tool

🐦 Create consistent social media links and handles

🔍 Google yourself in an incognito browser

🧹 Clean what YOU personally think might be job search disqualifications from the internet

📋 Create a portable one-pager job seeker profile for yourself including the next five steps

🧱 Write down a list of your top 5 skills

🗂 Write down the top 5 project contributions

🥇 One clear and defined career goal for the next 1-3 years

✍🏾 Write a bio of who you are, what you do, your accomplishments in your field, and your goals from above

☎️ Make a list of your top 3-5 professional references

🤝 Inform your references you are looking for work, and they may be in contact within x months, so they won't be surprised

⭐️ Send your references your portable one-pager job seeker profile, so they don't have to ask you what to say and they can be caught up

💻 Purchase a professional domain name, preferably your first and last name, and .com or .dev to be found easily

⌨️ Create a 1-page website, don't spend more than 1 hour, keep it very simple

🚀 Use the info from your one-pager as a baseline of info for your website created in the last step

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