🍗 2 Simple Ways to be Sustainable with Food


When testing out new recipes, don’t use the full portion suggested. Use 1/3 of the recommended amount for each ingredient and make a very small version of the meal. For example, instead of testing out a new recipe on a large five-pack of chicken without knowing if it’s going to taste good, take one piece of chicken, test the new recipe and if it’s good, use the rest of the chicken. If the recipe is not good, you can always use the rest of the chicken on a recipe you know very well.

🛒 Portions

For one week, track how much vegetables, meat, and grain you bye. Write down how much you used in each meal for the week. Then write down how much of your meal you ate vs. had to throw away. This will help you to see if you can get away with buying smaller amounts. For example, you may be used to buying a pack of chicken that is 500 g but then at the end of the week after cooking; you find that a lot of it goes into the garbage. Instead, try and buy 200 g for 300 g and see if any goes wasted by the end of the week. If not, stick to buying the smaller portions.