✍🏾 3 Ways New Digital Writers Can Steal Like Artist

Digital writing for beginners can be tough. It is easy to get stumped on topics, subjects, headlines, and figuring out what audiences want. Much time may be spent starting from scratch, brainstorming where to create. If this is you, I have three ideas of how you can Steal Like An Artist; here’s how:

📺 Youtube

Curate the top 5 youtube channels you love. Check out their youtube stats, specifically, the combination of most viewed videos and most commented. Bookmark the top 5. Then

1. Check the comments for feedback that folks gave

2. Check the comments for folks asking questions or for “more information.”

3. Watch the videos and write down what you loved or disagreed with

Using this method, you can easily write your next article, knowing it is what the audience wants, based on the high engagement and stats.

📝 Book Notes & Highlights

It is likely that if you love writing, you also love reading! It’s also highly likely that you have at least ten highlights, book notes, or favorite quotes from a book you enjoyed. Use them as a starting point and elaborate in your own words.

💻 Blogs

Writers always have at least 1-3 of their favorite writers they aspire to be like or follow. Write down at least two of your favorite writers, find their online blogs (or newsletter), look for five articles that resonate with you most, and use the same title; however, create your outline and write your take on the subject through your lens.